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⚡️6: Help us, listeners. You're our only hope

14th Oct, 2019

37: When are you ready for a coding job?

7th Oct, 2019

36: How do you keep track of your knowledge?

30th Sep, 2019

35: Do you git it? (What is version control?)

23rd Sep, 2019

34: How do you learn a new programming language?

15th Sep, 2019

33: How much tooling to too much tooling?

9th Sep, 2019

32: How do you prepare for a new job?

2nd Sep, 2019

31: Should you pivot?

26th Aug, 2019

⚡️5: How much time do you spending coding in a coding job?

19th Aug, 2019

⚡️4: How long should you spend on a take home coding challenge?

12th Aug, 2019

⚡️3: Tabs or spaces?

5th Aug, 2019

30: What do you get from going to a tech meetup?

29th Jul, 2019

29: What's wrong with developer culture?

22nd Jul, 2019

28: How do you stay motivated?

15th Jul, 2019

27: How do you deal with crazy bugs?

8th Jul, 2019

26: What is functional programming?

1st Jul, 2019

25: Do you need to be good at maths to become a programmer?

24th Jun, 2019

24: Should you write about what you’ve learnt?

17th Jun, 2019

23: How do you write a good CV?

10th Jun, 2019

22: Why should you write tests?

3rd Jun, 2019

⚡️2: What does it mean to be a full stack developer?

27th May, 2019

⚡️1: How closely should you match a job description before applying?

20th May, 2019

21: How do you get started with open source?

13th May, 2019

20: What is it like to attend a tech conference?

6th May, 2019

19: What is it like to be a remote developer?

29th Apr, 2019

18: What is the interview process for a tech job?

22nd Apr, 2019

17: How do you find a mentor?

15th Apr, 2019

16: When should you specialise?

8th Apr, 2019

15: What happens in a kickoff meeting?

1st Apr, 2019

14: How do you learn?

25th Mar, 2019

13: Project Introduction

18th Mar, 2019

12: Should you get a CS degree?

11th Mar, 2019

11: When should you change to your second language?

4th Mar, 2019

10: Is coding less fun when it's your job?

25th Feb, 2019

09: Where do you find jobs?

18th Feb, 2019

08: When should you quit your job?

11th Feb, 2019

07: Where do you learn?

4th Feb, 2019

06: What tools do you need?

28th Jan, 2019

05: Which language should you learn first?

21st Jan, 2019

04: How do you manage your time?

14th Jan, 2019

03: Freelance or full-time?

3rd Jan, 2019

02: Frontend or Backend?

31st Dec, 2018

01: Why are you learning to code?

24th Dec, 2018