Top Tips review: just get things done!

Episode #86:
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We've had some great guests on our podcast, and we've asked each of them for their "Three Top Tips" for new developers. All their advice has been amazing, and a lot of the same concepts have come up time and time again. In this miniseries we're looking back at those top tips, and linking the themes together.

This week our theme is "getting things done": that is to say, just start already! There's a lot to be said for doing research and preparing thoroughly, but there's even more power in just starting. By doing a thing, you really start to learn the thing. There's a gulf of distance between knowing something "in the head" and knowing that same thing "in the hand". So should you start coding straight away? And what are the best ways to jump in at the deep end? Find out all this and more in this week's rehashed instalment of A Question of Code.

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