How do you get started with a new framework?

Episode #83:
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We're trying something new this week. Live-coding is famously risky when giving a talk or presentation, but we figured it might be fun to make things even harder by removing all the visual elements. That's right; we're live coding on a podcast!

There are a lot of frontend frameworks out there, so being comfortable picking up a new framework is a useful skill to have. To demonstrate and demystify this process, we've picked a framework neither of us have ever used before: Svelte. In this episode we get to "hello, world!" and beyond, and explain how we normally approach the process of learning a new framework.

What are "ah ha!" moments, and how often do they come along? What does npm install even mean?! What have we learned about Svelte, and what would our next steps be? Find out all this and more in this week's risky instalment of A Question of Code.

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