How important are CS fundamentals? (with Vaidehi Joshi)

Episode #79:
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What's this? Another of our heroes joining us for a chat!? You betcha! This week we're joined by the immensely talented and infectiously friendly Vaidehi Joshi. You'll know Vaidehi from her work on the Base.cs blog series and podcast (a must-listen show; it's awesome).

How did Vaidehi get into the world of computer science in the first place? And is it something she thinks everyone else should do, too? Are technical interviews that lean heavily on core CS skills useful in a world where most developers don't use them in their day-to-day work? (Spoiler alert: the system needs some improvements) And where can you go to improve your CS knowledge? Find out all this and more in this week's CS-friendly instalment of A Question of Code.

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Vaidehi Joshi

Vaidehi Joshi is a senior engineer at Forem, where she builds community and helps improve the software careers of millions. She enjoys building and breaking code, but loves creating empathetic engineering teams a whole lot more. She is the creator of basecs and baseds, two writing series exploring the fundamentals of computer science and distributed systems. She also co-hosts the Base.cs Podcast, and is a producer of the BaseCS and Byte Sized video series.

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