How do you get started with testing? (with Brian Okken)

Episode #74:
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We're joined this week by testing expert (and long-time friend of the show) Brian Okken. Brian literally wrote the book on testing with Python (Python Testing with pytest) and has a lot of strong opinions about the value of testing and testing methodologies in general. Thankfully he's as friendly as he is smart, and was happy to lead us through the sometimes-murky waters of software testing.

How did Brian first get into testing, and what advice does he have for those of us just getting started with learning to test our code effectively? What makes a good test (and what makes a bad test)? And what simple questions can you ask to immediately improve your testing game? Find out all this and more in this week's well-tested instalment of A Question of Code.

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Brian Okken

Brian Okken is a husband to a truly amazing woman, a proud father of two incredible daughters, the author of 'Python Testing with pytest', the host of Python Bytes and Test & Code podcasts, a public speaker, a corporate trainer, a lead software engineer, an antique dealer, and a fanatic about getting more software developers to start loving software testing.

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