CSS Extravaganza!

Episode #72:
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In a tweak to the usual format, this week's show is a frontend-focused rapid-fire question bonanza. Ed's been doing some CSS work this week, and has a lot of questions for Tom (a self-styled CSS expert, whatever that means).

What's wrong with innerHTML? And for that matter, why is eval() so evil? Should you use px, pt, em, or rem (or something else) when setting sixes in CSS? What's the deal with browser prefixes (-moz-, -webkit- etc.)? Are you a bad programmer if you use a z-index of 99999? (Spoilers: probably). Is it ever appropriate to use !important in your CSS? Should you use IDs or classes? And to finish with a famously easy question; how do you name things? Find out all this and more in this week's rapid-fire instalment of A Question of Code.

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